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    Tiffany Danin

    Tiffany Danin is a marvellous designer, great musician, and head of marketing from Palm Beach County, Florida. She has more than ten years of expertise in hospitality and customer service, and she is an expert at fostering business growth via creative marketing initiatives and strategic analysis.


    Danin will complete her Bachelor of Arts in digital communication and media at Palm Beach Atlantic University in May 2023. She has a profound love for all types of art and adores producing and consuming beautiful art. She learnt to play various instruments throughout her early years in New York City, where she also developed a love for music. Concerts continue to be one of her favourite pleasures.


    Danin now works as the marketing director at Cleaning Company of America in West Palm Beach, Florida. With more than three decades of expertise in the field, the business is South Florida's most prominent privately held commercial cleaning company. Since joining the firm in 2018, Danin has designed marketing collateral for Cleaning Company of America and its affiliates, including official websites and brochures. She is also responsible for obtaining new clients, managing connections with the most notable clients, and preserving current marketing assets. Also, she oversees social media marketing, search engine optimization, and the company's digital strategy. Danin also recruits new marketing-related staff members and other personnel by screening, interviewing, and employing them.


    Danin has a digital storytelling degree and a French minor from Palm Beach Atlantic University. The private Christian institution places a strong emphasis on intellectual and spiritual development. It provides extensive internal career assistance that has helped many of its alums find significant success in various disciplines and sectors both domestically and abroad.


    At Palm Beach Atlantic University's Department of Communication & Media, Danin is presently pursuing studies in digital communication, media, and multimedia. She will receive her Bachelor of Arts degree from the university, which offers unrivalled access to a wide range of cultural, professional, and recreational possibilities in South Florida in May 2023.